Survivor Story: Joyce Isom

IsomWe can go on and on about the importance of mammograms until we’re blue in the face. But sometimes it takes hearing about a person’s real life experience to really drive our message home. With that in mind, we bring you an important survivor story from Joyce Isom:

When I turned 40, I got my first mammogram. I went each and every year – never missing an appointment. During one routine screening, Charlotte Radiology identified some calcifications. These calcifications were closely followed by 6-month checkups to keep an eye on any suspicious changes.

In 2004, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was 53 years old. Although the cancer was found very early on, I thought my life was ending.

One of the first people I reached out to was a friend at church who was a breast cancer research specialist with Blumenthal Cancer Center. She was not only a great support, but she armed me with information and connected me with Dr. Richard White, my surgeon. Because of my early diagnosis, I only needed a lumpectomy and did not have to undergo chemo or radiation. I felt so fortunate.

Throughout the years, I have talked with many women in my neighborhood, church and have also spoken at several educational events. It’s the best way I can help spread the word about the importance of early detection and how joyous life can be after breast cancer.

Joyce’s story is an important reminder of not just the importance of mammograms overall, but of our stance on the importance of having regular yearly screening mammograms beginning at age 40. With early detection, Joyce’s cancer treatment was far less invasive and debilitating than it could have been.

Don’t wait another minute! Schedule your yearly screening mammogram today.

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