Small Actions Make a Big Difference

Charlotte Radiology and Belk have partnered together for the Mobile Mammography program, providing women with a more convenient option for breast cancer screening. The Belk Gives on the Go Mobile Breast Center provides screenings in a convenient, compassionate environment, featuring private dressing rooms and most appointments completed in less than 30 minutes. Charlotte Radiology’s licensed female mammography-certified technologists perform all screening exams, each of which is then interpreted by a board certified breast imaging physician. Screenings can be paid for through your insurance or on behalf of Belk if you are uninsured or underinsured.


Belk-Mobile-Breast-CenterIf that’s not enough to convince you to take advantage of this program and get your yearly screening mammogram if you are over 40 years of age, we have a story to share that we hope will change your mind. We recently received this letter from a Belk employee:

“I had a doctor’s appointment a few days prior to the mammography unit being in Shallotte. As I got into my car after the appointment, I saw the supply of mammography flyers I always kept readily available. I was about to drive off and thought, ‘C’mon! Perhaps one of your doctor’s other patients may benefit from this information!’ So even though I was late getting back to work, I parked my car again and ran back into the doctor’s office with a handful of flyers. I explained everything to the nurse and asked her to pass the information along.

“I just had another appointment last week. A new nurse brought me back to the exam room. When my doctor came in, she gave me a big hug and started explaining why a new nurse escorted me back. The nurse to whom I gave the flyers took advantage of the mobile mammography unit since she didn’t have insurance to cover the test. Her test came back abnormal. My doctor connected her with an oncologist. A biopsy tested positive and her surgery is this Monday. She is having a lumpectomy and will probably not need further treatment. What a great prognosis for a wonderful woman in her 40s and with two children in college! My doctor thanked me for saving the life of her nurse! Tears came to my eyes and I was immediately humbled. All I did was give her a paper—wow! And to think I almost hadn’t bothered.

“I handle all of the grassroots events for our Belk location and always have flyers in my car. I often think they go right into the trash and my efforts are fruitless. Even if every other flyer I ever gave out did get trashed, this one life saved is worth all the effort.

“Thank you so very, very much for allowing me to play a tiny part in this amazing community outreach.”

It’s amazing how small actions can make a huge difference. If this Belk employee had not given the flyers to the nurse, the nurse might have put off a screening exam indefinitely because of her lack of insurance. If the nurse had not taken advantage of our Mobile Breast Center, her breast abnormality might have gone undetected until it was too late.

The nurse would have also taken a huge chance if she put off her screening mammogram because she was under 50 years old, owing to the recent U.S. Preventive Services Task Force report suggesting that women in their 40’s may benefit less from mammography. As breast imaging experts, we fully support the American Cancer Society and many other organizations, which advise annual screening mammograms starting at age 40—and this story demonstrates our position.

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Above all, this letter illustrates the importance of early detection as the key to stopping breast cancer in its tracks. And if we’re bringing quick digital screening mammography exams to you—at a time and place that works with your schedule and at no cost to you—what have you got to lose?

MammRegThe Belk Gives on the Go: Mobile Mammography center is operational in 9 states in the Southeast United States. To see the schedule and see if it will be in an area near you, please visit The Belk Mobile 2014 Tour Dates. To schedule an appointment on the Belk Mobile at one of these Belk locations, please call 1-855-655-BMMC (2662).

Charlotte Radiology also operates two mobile mammography units that service the local Charlotte area. Check out our mobile mammography calendar for a location and time that works for you. Then call 704.367.2232 to schedule a screening mammogram appointment at any of our Charlotte area locations. These local stops do not provide free mammograms, but there are resources available if you are uninsured. Feel free to call our scheduling line for more info or visit the breast health resources page on our website.

And why not bring a friend? It could literally save a life!

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